2 Ways to Make your iPad/iPhone Accessible

By Amy Roman, MS, CCC-SLP.



More of my patients are using iPads and Androids as their speech generating devices.  Though Androids provide more options for maintaining access with hand weakness, the iPad does have some nice features.  This < 3 minute video shows two of my favorites.  “Assistive Touch” and “Shortcuts” are built into both iPads and iPhones but few know about them.  “Assistive Touch” empowers a person to continue using their iOS devices if pushing the external home button is difficult or impossible.Home Button X


“Shortcuts” is a system-wide text expansion (aka. abbreviation expansion) tool which is essential for anyone who wants to press less keys when communicating via SMS, email or voice output;  In other words- all of us.

WebinarThis video is one of many how-to videos that are included in my free webinar entitled Maintaining Access to Tablets while Living with ALS.  Other alternative access methods are explained and explored in this webinar including mouse options, head tracking, wheelchair joysticks, scanning and brain computer interface.

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  1. New apps such as ClaroCom Pro along with the new iPad split screen feature make things like texting very easy.

    I would recommend that people take a look at the ClaroCom and ClaroCom Pro app in the Apple app store and at their website

    I am not affiliated in any way with ClaroCom. I found this application when searching for a way to help my friend who has ALS and was using his other text to speech application less and less because it required too many touches and typing to say anything.

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