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Some Current Favorite Tools at Our Center:

Loc-Line for Mounting Modular Hose (for assistive technology) Versatile and inexpensive way to mount switches, tablets, communication boards. Loc Line
Spokeman Amplifier Luminaud Small, high quality, inexpensive voice amplifier. Great for patients with mild or no dysarthria but reduced volume due to decreased breath support. Spokeman
3-Way High Gain Mic Luminaud Hands free, high quality mic. Great mic to use with Spokeman. 3 Way High Gain MIC
Wireless Doorbell Any Hardware Store Inexpensive, wireless call chime with 50’ range. Prior to purchase make certain doorbell is easy to push. Wireless Doorbell
Adapted Wireless Call Chime RJCooper A switch adapted wireless doorbell for pALS who cannot press a doorbell button. RJ Cooper Adapted Call Chime AmyandpALS
Adapted Call Chime System Med Labs Inc Reliable, loud and sturdy switch (EZ Call) and alarm (PA1). Access the PA1 Alarm with any switch via a radio shack 1/8” adapter (part 274-325) Medlabs PA and Ezcall