My Top 5

Switches for People with ALS (pALS)

Features & Usage
MicroLight Switch
Very light touch switch.  Works well for weak fingers & very slight movement in other body parts.  Velcro to a surface or lightweight mounting arm.
Microlight Switch for ALS
Spec Switch
Light touch but provides a little resistance which allows a finger to rest on it without activating it.
SPEC Switch for ALS
Ultimate Switch
Enabling Devices
Clamping goose neck mounted switch for easy positioning.  Especially good for slight head or knee  movement. 
Ultimate Switch for ALS
Single Foot Switch
My favorite and also least expensive foot switch.  Provides a little resistance for resting the foot on the switch without activating it.
Single Foot Switch Smartnav
Pillow Switch (without cushion)
Very versatile especially for head activation. Features a safety pin and Velcro for fastening to pillow, wheelchair headrest, clothes, etc.
Pillow Switch for ALS
To learn more about switches and about The Top 3 Reasons pALS Need Switches please see my blog on the PrAACtical AAC Website