Testimonials from Professionals

Amy is one of THE most knowledgeable specialists in the field of Augmentative Communication (AAC) for people with ALS.  Her approach to AAC is holistic, common sense and practical- an approach which actually works.

She is extremely dedicated to her clients, and to educating the ALS community. Her innovations in the field of AAC have improved the quality of life for scores of people with ALS.

Margaret Cotts, MA, Rehabilitation Engineering Technology
Assistive Technology Specialist

Owner, LowTechSolutions.com (Formerly the AAC service Provider at the The ALS Center at UCSF )

“Ms. Amy Roman, SLP, has provided instruction, motivation, inquiry and support for patients with ALS and the professionals who serve them.  Ms. Roman has guided and assisted this clinician in implementation of the most current strategies in the area of Augmentative/Alternative Communication. It is fantastic to know that there is a resource like Amy to turn to when we are working to serve PALS with up to date and innovative strategies. She has compassion and wisdom that are guiding lights in this important area of treatment”

Deborah Bell, MA/CCC

Licensed Speech Pathologist


Testimonials from Caregivers

“Amy is very responsive to communication “how-to” questions from us as caregivers as well as having great rapport with the individual client/patient/user of a communication device.  When working on a problem with a speech device, it’s nice to hear a professional say that something is not right, and then proceed to remedy the problem.   She always has a work-around if necessary to achieve a communication goal.  Our son always looks forward to seeing her—it’s her gentle, knowledgable, professional demeanor.”

-Blythe and Russ Klipple

Blythe Klipple “Caregiver for my 42 year old stepson who has ALS. 98% paralyzed, very poor speech, still barking orders.”

Amy, thank you so much for working with us long distance…  for all your help in getting Kathleen set up with the communication board and laser attached to a universal cuff. That combination seems to be just what she needs, and it’s working out even better than I dared hope. Right out of the box, Kathleen was able to communicate much more easily than with the iPad she’s been using — or not using — lately. We got whole sentences and even jokes right off the bat — things that required too much effort from her before. We’re still experimenting with the best arm position.

Sally McGough, sister of a pALS

Testimonial from Patients

When it comes to finding the best communication solutions for the unique and ever-changing challenges of  PALS, Amy Roman is relentless.   Her knowledge and troubleshooting skills are only heightened by her compassion and commitment toward helping PALS. Amy has always made sure I have a way to communicate. From high-tech to low-tech, her sharp focus assures me I will never be voiceless. Thank you, Amy Roman!

PALS Gloria Hale, age 54, dx 11/19/2009