The Forbes Norris MDA/ALS Research and Treatment Center is proud to have a clinical team dedicated to treating ALS, muscular dystrophies and the entire spectrum of neuromuscular conditions. Amy Roman, SLP, and many of the specialists contributing articles to Amy and pALS are members of the Norris Center’s multidisciplinary care team. The multidisciplinary approach has been shown by many studies to offer a greater length and an optimal quality of life for those affected by this overwhelming disease

The Norris Center has been at the forefront of neuromuscular disease research and treatment for over 25 years, carrying on the legacy of its founder, Forbes Norris, M.D., the neurologist who pioneered the concept of comprehensive clinical management of people with ALS.

With equal emphasis on both clinical services to support patients, families and caregivers living with this disease and on conducting vital experimental treatment trials, The Norris Center offers comprehensive care, expert guidance, compassion, and hope.

The Norris Center is in the unique position of being both an ALS Association Center of Excellence and an MDA Certified ALS Center. In addition to numerous awards received by the Norris Center and its staff, the center is proud to have been awarded Program of the Year by the California Speech and Hearing Association.
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