Born and raised in Texas, but now nearly a California native, Dee Norris has had a 30 year involvement with every aspect of ALS/MND, both clinically and organizationally, at the local, national, and international levels.   Together as wife and partner of the internationally known pioneer in ALS research and clinical management, Dr. Forbes Norris, she co-founded the ALS Research Foundation in San Francisco, for which she remains the Executive Director.  Under its auspices, she inaugurated many of the early nursing management, home care, and support programs for ALS, which are now accepted as standards for care, as well as educational, informational, and development programs which have been carried forward in the Forbes Norris ALS Research Center, which she continues to help direct with Dr. Robert Miller.  She has lectured and worked for many years with the local, national, and international ALS/MND groups since their inceptions and is a long time recognized voice in the health care management of ALS/MND.