Amy Roman has devoted her career to developing and implementing communication solutions for people with ALS. As a Speech Language Pathologist, Amy specializes in augmentative/alternative communication (AAC) and provides strategies, tools and technology to keep people connected to the individuals, community and interests that make their lives rich.

Since 2000, Amy has been a member of the multidisciplinary care team at The Forbes Norris ALS Research and Treatment Center at California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco, an ALS Association Certified Center of Excellence. The California Speech and Hearing Association awarded the AAC Program she developed at the Norris Center “Program of the Year” in 2010. Amy has also run the AAC Program for The ALS Association Golden West Chapter for sixteen years. The Golden West Chapter’s lending library and training center provide evaluations, demonstrations, and loans of innovative communication technology to people throughout California. The program also provides educational webinars and specialized training for families living with ALS and the dedicated professionals who support them.

With the team at Clever Monkey Development, Amy created to provide an easy way for people to record common, important or signature phrases in their own voice. She sees message banking as a precious gift a person with ALS can give themselves, their friends and their family in the event that they should ever require an alternative mode of communication.  The time commitment for message banking is small yet the benefit can be invaluable. Delivering greetings, words of affection, a humorous remark or an everyday comment in your own voice with your special cadence creates a more personal communication experience for you and those you love.

Amy and the developers at Clever Monkey also created the AlphaCore Communicator app which is available through the Windows Store.    The AlphaCore app was developed for people with ALS for whom speech no longer meets their communication needs.  AlphaCore speeds the pace of communication while reducing the physical effort required to construct messages.   AlphaCore also provides a single-step import of your recordings from which instantly populates AphaCore’s message-buttons with their corresponding recording thus eliminating hours of work.

Her website provides suggestions and advice from The Norris Center’s team of experts on many of the challenges faced by people living with ALS.  

Amy Roman’s Background and Credentials

  • Licensed by California Speech Language Pathology and Audiology Board (Lic. No11696)
  • Certified by American Speech and Hearing Association
  • Masters of Science in Communicative Disorders at San Francisco State University.
  • Member of the United States Society for Augmentative/Alternative Communication
  • Member of the International Society for Augmentative/Alternative Communication