Communication Tips
Call Chimes & Alerting System in the Home By:  Amy Roman, MS, CCC-SLP   Call chimes are essential for keeping pALS and caregivers connected and providing peace of mind.  Typically they are most critical f [more]
Breathing Tips
Maximizing your Lung Function: Tips and Techniques
By Lee Guion, MA, RRT, FAARC Neurorespiratory Clinical Specialist. You can maximize lung function at every stage of ALS, even before you experience symptoms of shallow breathing. Beginning with this column, I will d [more]
ALS Experts Tips
By Cheryl Patterson, R.D. Registered Dietician.   How do I get enough water??  We hear this question frequently at The Forbes Norris ALS Clinic.  Hydration is important and can become challenging with swallowing [more]
Communication Tool
AlphaCore is a communication “text-to-speech” software for literate non-verbal people like those with ALS/MND.   AlphaCore was developed by Amy Roman, a speech pathologist and AAC specialist, who has used it with her own cl [more]

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